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Telefon: 417 835 480
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E-mail: hadry@koutecky.cz

KOUTECKÝ s.r.o. is the family company that has been recycling a textil waste by collecting it through our "green" stationary containers since 1990.

It is important to realize that not only glass, paper and plastic is waste, but also TEXTILE. 

The goal of our effort  is giving textile a second chance. Thanks to us, the textile waste does not end up in landfill or in incinerators, but is recycled to protect our environment.

We sort the textile waste to use it in the auto, engineering, construction, metallurgical, mining and aerospace industries, but also to use it in industries with demanding hygiene requirements.

Cleaning rags are made ​​according to specific customer requirements, and according to various types of materials and colors (German standard of production DIN 61650).